• Image of blue Moon Goblet
  • Image of blue Moon Goblet
  • Image of blue Moon Goblet
  • Image of blue Moon Goblet

‘Blue Moon Goblet’

Height: 15 cm
Diameter: 11 cm

(Holds approximately 400 ml)

I’ve been working again recently with friend and potter Steve Meeks to create this new project, drinking vessels adorned with decals taken from two watercolour paintings I’ve done. One face shows a barn swallow perched upon a crescent moon gazing at a working spider, while the other depicts a grass snake amongst foliage. Together they symbolize both the beauty and tragedy of summer.

Each piece has been carefully hand thrown on the potters wheel using a fine stoneware clay body. It fires a flashed brown hue with a richness that is caused by a very small percentage of iron oxide mixed into the body.

The white glaze contains feldspar, quartz, whiting, kaolin and a touch of tin oxide to create a surface that’s incredibly smooth, glossy and highly functional.

They’re first fired to cone nine, approximately 1280 degrees centigrade, in an oxidised atmosphere in an electric kiln, before the decals are delicately transferred and the pots are fired another time.

goblets will be available for sale
@7pm bst on Wednesday 2nd August.

Shipping is worldwide.
Please allow two weeks before shipping will start.


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